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Discover the ultimate soft exfoliation with O'seap's perfume-free White Seap Scrub Bar.


This unique scrub bar combines luxurious foam with an effective scrub, removing the dead skin cells and making your skin feel wonderfully smooth and renewed. Enriched with oyster shell powder, this scrub bar offers a natural and mild exfoliation suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.


It gently removes impurities and blemishes, making your skin look radiant and rejuvenated. What makes this scrub bar really unique is the perfume-free aspect. Ideal for people with sensitive skin or a preference for odorless products. You can enjoy the benefits of exfoliation without worrying about overwhelming scents.

Scrub bar white seap

SKU: 0013
14,95 €Price
  • Hoe to use the scrub bar: Wet the bar and apply on the skin until there is enough foam.


    The harder you rub, the harder the scrub. When used the first time, it is possible that there is less foam because there has not been contact with water yet.


    How to store the bar: rinse after using the bar and store dry so the bar does not dissolve too early. You can use a soap dish out of the shower or put one in the shower but make sure no water is near

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