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Hi there, I am Marijke,


For a long time I have been asking myself questions about the enormous amounts of plastic that are dumped in the seas and oceans. The cosmetics industry is one of the major contributors. With O'seap I mainly want to make people aware that things can be done differently, that the plastic bottles in the bathroom are no longer needed without compromising on quality, on the contrary!


I developed the products of my dreams, inspired by my own sensitive skin. Reading many labels and information about ingredients made me feel sick. With O'seap I have not only created products but also a story.


I have projected my own love for the sea onto my products, from scents to colors, to the ingredients from the sea.


Of course I also want to contribute to a better world, which is why the ingredients have been carefully selected and O'seap forms a grain of sand in the direction of a future with less impact on the environment! Sea-riously, every effort counts!

picture of the founder of O'seap
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