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shampoo bars samen @the beach

Dive into the sea with your hair & skin

Natural shampoo bars & body wash bars

Handmade in Ostend with a touch of sea

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O'seaps story

Hey, I'm Marijke. With O'seap I make natural shampoo, body wash and conditioner bars with a touch of sea, out of love for my hair, my body and nature. My motto? Sea'riously, every effort counts!

The bestsellers of O'seap

They use O'seap

someone with long hair using the shampoo bar


"Since we bought O'Seap products, we have not bought bottles of shampoo, conditioner or soap. From our toddler to our teens and my husband and I. All 5 are big fans! With sensitive skin that dries out quickly, we now have much less irritation! Really very satisfied!!!"

cute toddler using the body wash bar of O'seap


"I have been using the curly wave pack for less than a year. No more expensive excess of hair mousse. Thanks to the trio shampoo bar, conditioner bar and leave in, the hair is fed enough to omit that expensive hair mousse. No more frizzé hair. The lifespan of these products is also more than twice as long as commercial bottles / jars. And as a great surplus, this system is not harmful to the environment. So don't hesitate.."

a woman using the scrub bar at the sink


"I use the Sea Splash shampoo bar and it smells delicious. My hair is also less greasy than before."

Dive into our products with your hair & skin

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