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Hi, I am Marijke

For a long time I have been asking myself questions about the enormous amounts of plastic that are dumped in the seas and oceans. The cosmetics industry is one of the major contributors.


With O'seap I mainly want to make people aware that things can be done differently, that the plastic bottles in the bathroom are no longer needed without compromising on quality, on the contrary!



I developed the products of my dreams, inspired by my own sensitive skin. Reading many labels and information about ingredients made me degouted. With O'seap I did not only createnot products but also a story and products that create a feeling that gives them a special user experience.


I have projected my own love for the sea on my products, from scents to colors to the ingredients from the sea.


Of course I also want to contribute to a better living world, which is why the ingredients have been carefully selected and O'seap forms a grain of sand in the direction of a future with less impact on the environment!


Sea-riously, every effort counts!

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Why O'seap


Plastic free for the sea

The sea and marine life suffer from the plastic soup. Everyone knows this, everyone sees this, but not enough has happened so far.


Why buy care products for the shower or bath in plastic bottles when bars are more sustainable? The sea is very valuable, it offers so much, ebb and flow, give and take. No plastic packaging and no plastic in my products.


Safety first

When I realized which substances are all used in products, I just wanted to use products that are completely natural.


However, after I started to learn more and more, I came to the conclusion that not everything can be completely natural if you want to make high-quality products and therefore have to make certain choices.


I choose all ingredients carefully, but I am of the principle that safety remains the most important, especially for children.


All products have been certified for use in children and babies, but they all contain mild preservatives, because I put safety first.


I also want to be transparent about this and on each bar you can see what the ingredients are exactly. You can also always contact me if you have specific questions.


High quality

Since all products are handmade, there is a great deal of supervision of the quality of the products.


It is not only important to avoid the plastic bottles, it is equally important to ensure that bars are also of high quality so that people do not feel that they have to lose quality.


All ingredients, especially the natural ingredients, are carefully selected.


I also observe the origin of the products, so that there is no high impact there either (on the environment or people). In all the steps I take, I think about the balance between quality, impact on the environment or people.

Dive into O'seap with your hair & skin

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