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Privacy statement O’seap

O’seap is obviously concerned about the way the data of her clients is being processed. This privacy statement clarifies how data is being used when you navigate the website and also provides information about your rights. If you still have questions after you’ve read this privacy statement, you can always contact me (Marijke Goderis) by sending an email, a letter or contacting me by phone.

Article 1: To whom does this privacy statement apply?

This privacy statement applies to all customers, people and companies who use the website/web shop of O’seap. O’seap is responsible for which data is being processed in which manner.

This means that the privacy statement applies tp everybody who uses the web shop:

Artikel 2: Who processes your data?

Your data is being processes by O’seap, being the natural person Marijke Goderis, Vredestraat 40, 8400 Oostende. As the data is being processed through using the website, an external processor also processes the data.

Artikel 3: Which data is being processed?

Processing different kinds of data differs for natural persons who visit the website and natural persons who actually purchase items from the website as a potential customer.

Visitors of the website: mainly electronic identification data such as the IP-address, browser type, location data and also how you used the website, how you located the website, which pages of the website you consulted, which items you clicked etc.

It goes without saying processing this data is done by using cookies, I refer to the cookie statement for further information on this subject.

Customers/potential customers of the website: the data as mentioned above is also processed for customers, so also the electronical identification data and the way in which you navigated the website but also the following data: (this data is mainly being processed to be able to process orders):

  • Contact information: name, surname, address, phone number, email

  • Contact history: all communication between parties (sent and received emails, contact forms etc.)

  • Payment data: the system that has been used for payments, banking card information (for possible refunds, etc.)

Article 4: For which purpose is your data being processed?

The data of users of the website is only being used for legitimate purposes for which we base our information on the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

For which purposes is the data being processed?

  • To handle and execute an agreement by distance because otherwise purchases cannot be done

  • We use your data for justified interests, which compensate any disadvantages, like sending a newsletter if you are already a customer or have already taken steps to buy goods from the web shop. A customer can end his/her subscription to our newsletter at any time with a link provided in the emails that are sent

  • To invite you to actions or winning entries

  • The data is also being used to send an invoice to the customers together with an email to ask for feedback about the purchased goods. The process of the purchase, solely to improve the experience of the user on the website or to ask for reviews of the purchased goods ( the customer puts these on the website himself/herself without any obligation or knowledge)

  • The subscription to the newsletter is also done by asking approval from the customer on the web shop, if the customer agrees to giving feedback, this data will only be processed for the website and/ or other social media channels

  • Data can also be processed for administrative purposes, for example for accountancy and also to comply with other legal obligations

Article 5: How long is your data kept for?

We only keep your data for the period necessary to comply the purposes as described in article 4. We erase any data which we do not need anymore. Except if we need to keep certain data to comply with other legal obligations, the data will then be destroyed or anonymised after the necessary period of time.

If you have subscribed to the newsletter, your data will obviously be kept so we can send you the newsletters.

Article 6: Where do we keep your data?

The data is being kept on internal and external systems.

O’seap works with third parties for processing systems of the website. These third parties act as the data processor of O’seap.

O’seap and external data processors are very precautious as to secure your data from loss or unrightful usage. The access to the data is limited to people who need the data for legitimate, business purposes.

Article 7: Is your data being shared with third parties?

Some data is being shared with third parties as this is necessary to make a purchase from a distance.

To which third parties is your data being transferred?

  • As mentioned above, your data is being transferred to third parties, so your data is handled by the IT-crew that maintains the website and also saves the necessary data from our customer base. They also use data for other processes which are necessary for business operations and managing the web shop.

  • Courier services that are being used for shipment of the packages will also take note of personal data otherwise no goods can be shipped to customers.

  • Payment can be done on the website and we use Mollie, obviously O’seap needs to share certain data to handle the transactions and this data will also be visible on the account to which the money is wired.

Article 8: What are your rights?

You have multiple rights as a customer regarding the data that we process. If you want to use one of these right, you can always contact us by phone, email or letter, as indicated at the contact information on the website.

What are your rights?

  • You are entitled to ask to inspect your personal data and to ask for a copy of your data

  • You are entitled to correct your data

  • You are entitled to ask to erase your data (right to be forgotten), this is however limited and cannot always be implemented if there is an obligation to keep certain data for legal causes (for example accounting)

  • You are entitled to a restriction of the processing of your data

  • You are entitled to object against the processing of your data if it is based on our justified interests. This has to be done based on reasons that are specific for your situation. In this case the processing of data has to be brought to an end.

  • You are entitled to transfer your data (for example when a question is asked to transfer your data to other organisations)


If you think the data processing is not in accordance to the GDPR, you can file a complaint at the data protection authority by using this link:


If you make a request to exercise any of your rights and we doubt your identity, we will ask for a copy of your ID-card to guarantee your data is not being used unlawfully. Irrelevant information on the ID-card can be stroked out.


After submitting a request to exercise your rights we will inform you about the follow up of your request within a months’ time.

Artikel 9: Amendments

Amendments can always be made to this Privacy Statement. The most recent version will always be made available on the website, with confirmation of the date of the latest publication.

Latest version of the Privacy Statement published on 09/09/2022
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