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Treat yourself to our body wash bar with seaweed flakes and the seductive scent of watermelon. Enjoy a summer shower experience and let your thoughts wander to sunny beach days while taking care of and nourishing your skin.


This unique bar is infused with the nourishing power of mango butter and cocoa butter. Thanks to the addition of glycerine and wheat proteins, your skin is hydrated and boosted in softness. This body wash bar makes your skin feel fresh and clean without drying out.


Enjoy this unique combination of seaweed flakes, watermelon scent and natural ingredients that nourish and moisturize your skin. Give yourself a moment of relaxation and pampering, while immersing yourself in the memories of carefree beach adventures.

Body wash bar watermelon beach

  • How do I use the body bar:Wet the bar well and rub between the hands until sufficient foam is created. If you notice that the bar foams less, turn it around in your hands a few times.

    The first time it may be that there is less foam as the bar has not yet come into contact with water.


    How do I store the bar: rinse the bar after use and keep it dry so that the bar does not start to dissolve prematurely. You can place a soap dish outside the shower or a rack in the shower for this.

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