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Step into the refreshing power of O'seap's wave of aloe body wash bar. This body wash bar is formulated to spoil your skin with an invigorating and caring experience.


The wave of aloe body wash bar gently cleanses your skin and moisturizes at the same time. The soft foam is alternated with nourishing elements. The result? A revitalized and hydrated skin that glows.

Body wash bar wave or aloe

SKU: 0011
  • How to use the body wash bar:

    Wet the bar and rub directly on the skin until there is enough foam.

    If you notice there is not enough foam, turn the bar around in your hands.


    The first time the bar is used, there can be less foam because the bar has not been in contact with water yet.


    How to store the bar: rinse after using the bar and store dry so the bar does not dissolve too early. You can use a soap dish out of the shower or put one in the shower but make sure no water is near.

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