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The winter surf body wash bar is the perfect companion for healthy skin during the winter season. Enjoy the winter scent composed with a forest-like aroma that turns into sweet notes of pear and juniper and then lands in a green bed of oak moss, amber and rosewood. A refined fragrance for winter lovers.

The winter surf body wash bar creates a soft luxurious foam that gently cleanses your skin and removes impurities without removing the natural oils. The perfect buddy for your shower moment in winter.


Body wash bar winter surf

  • How do I use the body bar: Wet the bar well and rub on the skin until enough foam is created. If you notice that the bar foams a little less, turn it around in the hands a few times.

    The first time it may be that less foam is created since the bar has not yet come into contact with water.

    How do I keep the bar: rinse the bar after use and keep it dry so that the bar does not start to dissolve early. You can place a soap dish outside the shower or a rack in the shower.

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