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Discover the Citric Tide Conditioner Bar from O'seap, a wonderfully scented treat that takes you to exotic places with its sweet aroma of blood orange and pomelo.


 This conditioner bar not only offers a dreamy fragrance experience, but also delivers top results for your hair. The revolutionary blend of rapeseed agent, along with butters and oils such as cupua butter, mango butter, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and panthenol, provides intense nutrition, perfect detangling and deep hydration. 

Conditioner bar Citric tide

  • How do I use the conditioner bar: Wet the conditioner bar well and apply only to the lengths of your hair, not to the scalp. Normally you will feel for yourself if there is enough product on the hair, please note, a little goes a long way. I have a lot of curly hair myself and only have to rub the lengths a few times. People with hair who knob easily will probably need to apply more product.

    Leave the product on for a few minutes (so that it has time to close all hair scales) and then rinse.

    How do I store the conditioner bar: keep dry so that the bar does not start to dissolve early. You can place a soap dish outside the shower or rack in the shower.

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