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The power of O'seap's extremely nourishing conditioner bars, with a luxurious blend of grape seed oil, mango butter, rapeseed wax, jojoba oil, cupua butter, panthenol and carrageenan red seaweed powder.

These revolutionary conditioner bars are designed to effortlessly untangle your hair while deeply moisturizing, nourishing and caring for it. With any application, it leaves your hair silky soft, healthy and radiant.

The grape seed oil and jojoba oil provide intense nutrition, while the mango butter and cupua butter soften and protect you from damage. The rapeseed wax and carrageenan powder from red seaweeds help to untangle your hair easily and prevent it from tangling. In addition, this conditioner bar also contains panthenol, a powerful ingredient that helps to strengthen and moisturize the hair, making it look healthier and more resilient.

Conditioner bar

SKU: 0005
  • How to use the conditioner bar: wet the conditioner bar very well and apply to the lengths of your hair, do not apply on the scalp.


    Normally, you will notice when enough product has been applied, a little goes a long way. I have a lot and curly hair and only need to swipe a few times over the lengths of my hair. People who have hair that knots easily, might have to use more product.


    Let the product act for a few minutes (so it has enough time to close all the hair cuticles) and then rinse.


    How to store the bar: rinse after using the bar and store dry so the bar does not dissolve too early. You can use a soap dish out of the shower or put one in the shower but make sure no water is near.

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