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This variant combines all the high-quality properties of a good leave-in conditioner to strengthen and moisturize dry or curly hair.


With a mix of natural ingredients, this conditioner bar offers the perfect solution to boost and care for your hair.

Leave-in conditioner wave of aloe

  • Immediately after showering on wet hair:

    Wet the bar well and rub it between the hands so that the butters can melt. Apply the fine cream that forms on the hair and push your curls up between your hands to form the curls even better

    If your hair needs more nutrition, apply the bar directly to the wet hair until you feel that the hair is sufficiently saturated


    As a refresh after sleeping:

    My curls have completely disappeared from my hair ’ in the morning and I only have fresh hair left. (frustrating!). I then wet my hair with a spray bottle and then put some cream on it again. More is not needed for my hair to reactivate my curls.

    As a nourishing deep conditioner for all hair types:

    This bar can also be used for all other hair types if the hair needs an intense diet. After showering, apply the bar to wet hair, let it soak in for 5 to 20 minutes and then rinse

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