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The Silver pearl, our silver shampoo especially for radiant blond or gray hair. This natural and powerful shampoo bar is specially designed for blonde or gray locks.


With its rich pigments, this bar helps neutralize unwanted yellow tones and give your hair a beautiful cool glow.


Then also use the conditioner bar Silver pearl so that extra pigment can be absorbed via the hair shaft.


Also enjoy the top scent of strawberry, subtly mixed with a touch of orange blossom. The fragrance ends with a touch of warm vanilla and caramel.

Shampoo bar Silver pearl

PriceFrom 8,95€
  •  Wet the shampoo bar well and apply directly to wet hair, rub the head in circular movements until enough foam is created. Massage the scalp well. Rinse and enjoy healthy hair.

    Then immediately use the conditioner bar which ensures that the hair scales close again and the hair becomes soft.

    How do I store the shampoo bar: rinse the bar after use and keep it dry so that the bar does not start to dissolve early. You can place a soap dish outside the shower or a rack in the shower.

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