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Don't miss this limited edition shampoo bar and give yourself and your family a pampering moment with the irresistible smell of watermelon. It is the perfect companion for the summer days and takes you straight back to those carefree and playful beach memories.


This shampoo bar is specially designed to enchant the whole family with its wonderful scent. In addition, it does not contain allergens from the perfume, making it suitable for sensitive skin types.


Enjoy a summer shower experience with this shampoo bar that is perfect for cleaning and caring for your hair and scalp. Be seduced by the refreshing scent of watermelon and create a touch of summer in your daily routine.


Shampoo bar Watermelon beach

PriceFrom 8,95€
  • How to use: Wet the shampoo bar well and apply directly to wet hair, rub the head in circular movements until sufficient foam is created.

    Massage the scalp well. Rinse and enjoy healthy hair.

    Then immediately use the conditioner bar to close the hair scales and soften the hair.


    How do I store the shampoo bar: rinse the bar after use and keep it dry so that the bar does not start to dissolve early. You can place a soap dish outside the shower or a rack in the shower.

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