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Our green shampoo bar wave or aloe with seaweed and the refreshing scent of aloe vera.


This shampoo bar offers a revitalizing and invigorating shower experience. The mild combination of foaming substances ensures gentle cleaning of the hair, while the adjusted pH value ensures a healthy scalp. The shampoo bar is suitable for all hair types, including colored hair, and helps your locks look lively and radiant.

Shampoo bar wave or aloe

SKU: 0003
PriceFrom 8,95€
  • How to use the shampoo bar: wet the bar and apply directly unto the hair, rub over the head in circular motions until there is enough foam. Massage well unto the scalp. Rinse and enjoy your beautiful hair.


    It is possible that there will be less foam when used for the first time as the bar has not been in contact with water before.


    You could have a sensation that your hair is squeaky clean, that is because the combination of water and shampoo opens the hair cuticles and the shampoo bar is a concentrated product. Use a conditioner bar directly after the shampoo bar, the conditioner will close the hair cuticles and make the hair soft.


    How to store the bar: rinse after using the bar and store dry so the bar does not dissolve too early. You can use a soap dish out of the shower or put one in the shower but make sure no water is near.

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