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  • I live abroad, can I order too?
    For now, I will only be offering shipment toot he Netherlands and France (warning! There will be no track and trace for these packages). The price for a shipment to the Netherlands or France is 10,95 euro.
  • How long does delivery take?
    After the order has been transferred, I will tr to make the package as soon as possible. As I am started out as a secondary occupation and also have another job, I will only be able to ship twice a week. The shipments will be done on Tuesdays and Fridays, the delay of delivery will depend on the moment of ordering.
  • Can I adjust my order or the delivery address?
    Once the shipment is validated, it cannot be changed anymore. If a problem occurs, please email me at so we can work out a solution.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    An order can only be cancelled if it hasn’t been processed (packed) yet. Please send an email as soon as possible to to see if your order can still be cancelled.
  • Can I track my package?
    The packages are shipping by Bpost. As soon as I have brought the packages tot he delivery point, you will receive an email with further information about the package and you will also receive a track and trace. (There is no track & trace voor packages to the Netherlands or France).You can also track your package in the app of bpost if you have an account. If any problems occur during shipment and you notice the trace and trace is not correct, please send an email so we can figure out a solution together.
  • What are the options/costs for shipment/pick up in Belgium
    As I am starting O’seap as a secondary occupation and also have another job, I will send out packages twice a week with Bpost. The shipments will be executed on Tuesdays and Fridays. You can also opt to pick up your order on my address Vredestraat 40, 8400 Oostende, but as this address is not a shop, I ask to email me at to determine a pick up time and date. If the client does not pick the package up at the determined time and date, there can only be scheduled a new pick up time and date once. Shipment in Belgium costs 6,40 euro for a package and shipment is free for orders of 40 euro and above.
  • Can I return my order?
    Returning an order is only possible if you can prove (by sending pictures) that the shipment was broken during the shipment process and the product is damaged/broken upon arrival. If this is the case, I will gladly send you another new specimen, please send an email at Furthermore, products that are completely intact, cannot be returning due to hygienic reasons.
  • Wat is the difference between soap and o’seap bars
    Artisanal soap is a completely different product. Soap is made by a process of saponification and results in a product with a PH-value between 8-10. I came to the conclusion that this did not function well for my skin nor for my hair and that a product with an adjusted PH-value works a lot better for hair/skin.
  • How long does a bar last?
    This is a difficult question. A lot of people have tested my bars and it all depends on the use of the product and the hair type or skin type. The only thing I can confirm is that a bar lasts a lot longer than a bottle. Also the risk of using too much product at once is limited as it does not pour out of a bottle and the product is more concentrated.
  • Do I need a conditioner bar after using the shampoo bar
    I strongly advise to use a conditioner, also for children (especially in the summertime when your child goes swimming a lot). Cleansing products as shampoo open up the hair cuticles which makes the hair feel squeaky clean of stiff. Conditioner closes the cuticles and allows for the nourishing elements to be absorbed by hair and makes the hair shiny and healthy.
  • How can I store my products?
    To ensure that the bars last longer, you have to store them in a dry place. You can use the pots to store the bars, these contain a water protective layer on the inside (made out of corn). You can definitely use the pots to travel. You can store the bars at home in one of the soap dishes offered on the website. These are proudly made by people with a disability that work in the workshops of Duinhelm vzw.
  • What are the advantages of using a solid bar?
    The biggest advantage is the positive impact on nature/the environment. No plastic is used in my products, nor in the packaging of my products or the shipping materials. By buying my products you contribute to a general reduction in use of plastic in your environment. Furthermore a bottle of liquid shampoo or shower gel mainly consists of water, being transported. By buying products of O’seap you contribute to the fact that no unnecessary water transport is executed and you only pay for a high quality, concentrated product. Another advantage is that a lot of other shampoos contain cheap cleansing agents that are aggressive for the scalp and our skin. I consciously chose to use gentle cleansers, that are good for our hair and our skin. In my opinion, the quality and the product itself is more important than a ‘cheap’ production process.
  • My bars do not foam a lot.
    Especially when used for the first time it is possible that the shampoo bars and body wash bars do not foam a lot. This is because the bars have never been in contact with water before. My bars cannot foam as much as some other commercial products because I consciously chose to add more nourishing ingredients to my bars instead of foamy cleansers. This does not mean the bars do not cleanse the hair/the skin sufficiently, on the contrary, they cleanse very gently and nourish at the same time.
  • The product I want to order is sold out.
    Because I make all the products by hand, it is possible that some of the products are sold out. I try to restock as soon as possible but this will also depend on sales.
  • Where are the products made?
    As I am just starting to make products, these are made at my home address in a specially designed room that complies to all the terms and conditions of the different laws and regulations. I develop and make the products myself.
  • Are the bars of O’seap suited for children of any age?
    The products of O’seap are assessed for use by babies, toddlers and older children. In my humble opinion, children under the age of 1 year old do not have to be washed with concentrated products.
  • Is the packaging environmental friendly?
    The pots I use now for all my bars are completely compostable. The labels I use are made of recycled paper and also the shipping material is environment friendly. In my product and in my packaging materials, no plastic is used.
  • Are payments safe?
    Payments are done by using Mollie. This firm guarantees that they follow the guidelines for secure internet payments as made by the European Banking Authorities.
  • Which payment methods are available?
    There are thwo payment methods provided on the website, you can pay by creditcard or bancontact
  • Where can I find the invoice of my order?
    The invoice of your order will be sent after the payment has been executed and the order has been done.
  • When will the payment be executed?
    The payment is done at the moment that you finish the online payment.
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